About Us

Founded by a team with academic and research backgrounds, the AI Innovation Labs is a social enterprise focused on AI education for Engineering and Life Sciences.

Similar to Kaggle, we take a challenge based / hands-on approach to learning Artificial Intelligence.

We aspire to transform the teaching of AI across the world at the grassroots level.

We are launching soon with some pilot institutes. Please register below if you are interested in participating as a contestant or institute.

Here is some more information:

What is your technology focus?
We work with AI for Engineering and life sciences.
Are you like Kaggle?
It's a similar idea but with some differences - please see below.
Do you work with banking, insurance, and other domains?
No, our focus is only on AI for Engineering and life sciences.
Where are you based?
We are a UK-based social enterprise, but we operate globally through institution partners.
Are you an institute?
No, we are not an educational institute and do not provide an academic certificate.
How does the program work?
We present a challenge. We also provide a code base in many cases You work in teams We mentor you with background information Typically a completion or challenge would take three months The best team wins
What is the composition of a team?
Considering the emphasis on AI in Engineering and Life Sciences, typically, we expect teams to be made up of a mixture of domain knowledge and coding knowledge. We look at motivational aspects for teams, including diversity, i.e., if you are motivated to learn AI and can contribute to the team, we encourage participation.
How can institutions participate?
Typically, an institution would partner by working with us closely and having multiple teams of professors and students.
What happens after the contest?
We encourage you to participate in the community and apply for future competitions. We expect that with the high standards of participation - you should be able to create a portfolio for yourselves through ongoing participation.
Is there a cost to participate?
No. There is no cost for individuals to participate.
What are my benefits?
Besides the potential of winning, the competition offers you a chance to learn AI in a unique and hands-on manner (and in cases when you are a domain expert with no coding background)
Do you provide a code base?
Yes, we will typically provide a code base for a competition
What about IPR?
The code will always be released in open source unless otherwise specified. All our code and your contributions will be released in open source under a permissive license (ex MIT, Apache, etc.)
Are you associated with any University/ Institute?
No. Although the core team is a part of UK Universities, we are not associated with any University (other than the partner universities for specific competitions)
What is your long-term vision?
The long-term vision is to democratize the learning of Artificial Intelligence - especially for engineering and life sciences. We aspire to be a grassroots learning community with high AI excellence standards. We are inspired by Kaggle and Super 30 (India) but are not associated with either.
Will you seek sponsorship from companies or institutions in the future?
Yes - that is the plan

If you have any feedback on the idea / would like to participate as an individual or a team,

please Sign up.